Three members of the “Association des Radio Amateurs Tunisiens – ARAT” are traveling to Algeria to conduct a joint Low Bands DXPedition with five members of “Amateurs Radio Algeriens – ARA” from December 28th 2019 to January 2nd 2020 during which the operators will be focusing on working as many stations as possible on 160 and 80m as well as the other HF bands. Decent antennas for TX and RX (BOGs to NA and JA) are prepared for the event.

The team led by Afif 7X2RO and Ash 3V8SS/KF5EYY includes: Ahmed 3V1B/KG5OUE (22 years), Marwa 3V8CB (24 years, YL), Mohamed 7X3TL (27 years), Redha 7X5QB, Lotfi 7X2QC (22 years), 7X2QV Sarah (23 years, YL) and Abdel 7X2TT/M0NPT.


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