Amateur Radio Satellites


I started taking an interest in Amateur Radio Satellites after I was introduced to the mode by my friend Lenny 2E0LFK. Thank you Lenny for letting me use your station. I had my first 2 contacts on SO-50 (FM Satellite) using Lenny’s station.

 I have worked (9A3ST & R1AO). I have since installed my own equipment and I am looking forward to working different satellites 🙂

After so many attempts at finding my downlink, I have managed my first SSB contact on AO73 (FunCube) Satellites on 03/12/14 @ 21:15 with EA5TT.

I am also pleased to have a CW qso on Satelittes, Challenging but fun!

More on Sats will be posted soon!

Catch you on the Birds soon!!!